Impact Entrepreneurs Replication School: Welcome to Cambodia

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PSU’s Impact entrepreneurs, in partnership with Digital Divide Data and The Rockefeller Foundation, has been delivering Impact Sourcing Training to social entrepreneurs hand selected by Rockefeller. The training, hosted by digital Divide Data, is preparing these entrepreneurs from Africa and South Asia to launch or expand their own social enterprise initiatives in the Business Process Outsourcing space in their countries.

By Lindsey Dietz, PSU MBA Candidate and Week 1 Replication School Teacher in Cambodia

My name is Lindsey Dietz and I am a guest host on the Impact Entrepreneurs (IE) blog. I am currently working on a project with IE in Cambodia and wanted to share my experiences with you. In order to understand my work and the great opportunity that IE has presented me, I first need to describe the project I’m involved in and a little about me.

Phnom Penh

I am an MBA student at Portland State University in the final months of school. Each MBA student at PSU is required to do a final project called the Capstone. My group of four stellar team members took on a project with IE as the client. Our project goals are to evaluate the feasibility of expanding the Replication School concept and provide analysis and recommendations. Our second goal is to evaluate the program and answer some key questions.

Is the Impact Entrepreneurs replication school for impact sourcing effective? If not, what changes can be made to ensure maximum social impact?

The idea of the replication school is unique and fascinating for me. I am new to the social entrepreneurship concept and still learning the lingo.  The idea behind the replication school is to train new social entrepreneurs how to replicate successful social enterprise models in different regions of the world. Hopefully the new businesses would be successful and create more impact more quickly.

Digital Divide Data (DDD) ( is a data digitization company in the impact sourcing space within the larger business process outsourcing (BPO) market. DDD has an established relationship with IE and their educational services through another IE program called Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP). DDD understands the need for managerial training to expand existing business and improve business acumen among managers. DDD also shares in the idea that expanding social enterprises and replication are viable ways of increasing impact.

DDD received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to bring its social enterprise model to Kenya ( As part of this grant DDD and Rockefeller asked IE to provide eight weeks of intensive training for DDD staff and other social entrepreneurs interested in learning the DDD business model.  The goal is to train leaders from other organizations to manage impact sourcing operations while further developing the capacity of DDD’s own managers.

So how do I fit in? Well, I have the inexplicably good luck of already being involved with IE through the capstone project. My teams responsibility is to help IE decide if the replication school is a good avenue for future business. In order to understand the success of the program and learn about participants and their expectations direct involvement is key. In addition, IE is an educational organization and wanted to impact the lives of my project group through experiential learning. I was asked to help develop and deliver marketing curriculum for the first week training. Each week there is a different topic or module for learning. My background and passion is in marketing so helping with this area fit directly with my experience and future goals.

I can’t describe how lucky I feel to have been given the opportunity to learn more about the social entrepreneurship field through direct experience. The learning that is accompanied by developing curriculum, international travel and interacting with global participants is immeasurable. This is an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to have the experience and all of the life changing moments that come along with it.

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