Impact Entrepreneurs Replication School: Week 2 – Day 1

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PSU’s Impact entrepreneurs, in partnership with Digital Divide Data and The Rockefeller Foundation, has been delivering Impact Sourcing Training to social entrepreneurs hand selected by Rockefeller. The training, hosted by digital Divide Data, is preparing these entrepreneurs from Africa and South Asia to launch or expand their own social enterprise initiatives in the Business Process Outsourcing space in their countries.

By Neil Schimmel, MBA Candidate at Portland State University, Week 2 Instructor (Finance)

After a slow-moving, but full and enjoyable weekend in Siem Reap provence, we had a typical big-city-initiation in Phnom Penh that involved crossing multiple lanes of chaotically-moving traffic in a tuk-tuk.  Once settled back at the apartment, I had an opportunity to debrief with Carolyn before my first day on the job.  I have big shoes to fill after week 1.  With anxieties high, I arrived at DDD this morning and I was immediately soothed by the warm reception of the participants.

Our day today consisted of an in-depth overview of the framework of financial accounting.  We went through financial statements, including the regulatory environment.  We walked through DDD’s financial statements, analyzing and discussing throughout the majority of our day. Using DDD as an example was highly productive and useful for the class, as it provided a context for our learning.

One of the participants, Ejaz, has a background in finance/accounting and he was helpful in explaining our material.  I know he will be an asset to our ongoing community learning this week. 

Due to the content of my presentation,  which even I will admit can be dry at times, I did my best to jazz it up.  At lunch, we conversed as a group about my intent to present with a lively style and we hypothesized that, in addition to adapting to different course content each week, the class will be asked to adjust to a wide array of teaching/presenting styles.  This group has the skill and humor to fluidly manage this, though I can empathize with the challenge this may present at times.  Given the weekly changes, I am trying to be intentional in my efforts to weave together my content and that of the week before.   

On deck is the topic of internal decision making through management reporting or managerial cost accounting.  The participants will learn how to categorize expenses, (e.g. fixed vs. variable, indirect vs. direct, sunk, hidden), and they will practice methods used to allocate overhead costs to specific projects or business processes.  I feel privileged to work with the group this week and I’m looking forward to great community learning.  More to come, stay tuned!

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