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Caren Prentice wants everyone to have access to easy-going, engaging and supportive meditation courses that don’t promote a particular religion or belief system. A trained meditation teacher with experience in multiple techniques and traditions, she seeks to fit her methods to the needs of each student. In more than 15 years of meditation and five years of teaching, she’s discovered a common need to reduce daily stress and anxiety, and she’s learned that meditation can be an effective alternative to certain types of medication.
One in five Americans currently takes drugs for some type of mental health condition, including anxiety or stress, and more than 75% of Americans suffer from stress-related conditions. As evidence mounts for the efficacy of mind-body therapies (yoga, meditation, etc.) in stress relief, physicians have begun recommending such approaches. A 2011 study by Harvard Medical School showed that nearly 6 million Americans had used mind-body therapy in a single year based on a physician’s prescription, and 34 million more Americans had sought it out on their own.

Meditation Momma is poised to take advantage of this trend by creating a customer-driven, scalable model for drop-in or scheduled meditation. Like the growth of yoga studios in recent years, meditation studios may be the next big thing—but when Caren is asked about her ambitions, her response reflects her practice:

The ‘business’ answer probably involves revenue projections, capacity goals, etc… [But] the truth is that my goal is to be responsive to my students’ needs and to simply teach as long as what I have to offer is of use to them.

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