“Just Make a Video!” Fast Prototyping in Human-Centered Design for Education

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Impact Entrepreneurs Executive Director Carolyn McKnight (L)

In our recent post “The First Apple Mouse and a Better Pit Latrine,” we explained how design thinking applies equally well to Apple products, toilets and educational programs. The difference is that with, say, a pit latrine, you may not notice good design, but you’ll definitely notice bad design. Yet some of the most essential products and services in our lives—such as education—may not receive the same attention to design as a consumer product.

That’s why, with IDEO’s HCD Toolkit as a guide, we’re co-creating a proposed online certificate in social innovation with extensive input from educators, students, and community members. Through interviews with experts and potential participants, community-driven discovery sessions (see photo above), and immersion in similar courses (see photo below), we’ve identified core content and the best methods of delivery for our audience.


Sustainable design expert Stefanie Koehler

One of the great benefits of this process is that we can test our assumptions and adjust our approach well before we launch the certificate. For example, in one of our immersion experiences—taking a +Acumen course on Human-Centered Design—we realized people may struggle to find an accessible definition of “social entrepreneurship.” Those lengthy academic papers we kept sharing offered fantastic definitions… but nobody wanted to read them. If you don’t know what social entrepreneurship means, why take a program teaching you how to do it?

The day after we finished the +Acumen course, we took the most important of those papers and boiled it down to a one-minute video. We’re sharing it here for the first time. We’d love for you to tell us what you think, pass it along, and help us make these concepts more accessible to all.

– Jacen Greene, Ames Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship at Portland State University

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